How to Get Freelance Digital Marketing Projects?

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how to get freelance digital marketing projects

Working as a freelancer is empowering. You can work on your own terms, on your own schedule, and you’re your own boss. Since the pandemic, companies all over the globe have started relying on freelancers more than ever. This is the right time if you want to build a career in freelance digital marketing. There are some basic steps you need to follow to learn how to get freelance digital marketing projects.

Marketing is a crucial part of any business. Every business wants to do some kind of promotion. Since the pandemic, businesses have started hiring freelancers to do the work.

Although, the pandemic has also increased the level of competition in the industry. It has now become much harder to get a freelance digital marketing project than 3 years ago.

In this guide, we’ll tell you some ways how to get freelance digital marketing projects.

Steps to Get Freelance Digital Marketing Projects

Getting a freelance digital marketing project in today’s time is not as easy as people think. Here are some techniques that will help you get freelancing digital marketing projects:

1. Use Free Trials to Initiate Conversations

Free trials are great, there’s a reason every major brand out there offers a free trial of their services. As all the clients ask for a portfolio, you can offer a specific part of your services for free, and make a portfolio out of these services.

Offering a free trial is like a double-edged sword, but in this case, both of these edges are helping you out. First, you may be able to convert some free trial users into paying clients, second, it’d help you build a powerful portfolio.

Whatever channel you’re using to promote yourself, make sure you put emphasis on the fact that you’re offering a free trial. Now, this free offering can be anything, a free audit, free keyword research, free marketing strategy, or something unique.

Free trials help you get those customers who don’t want to pay right off the bat. If you can manage to show them the impact of your work, you’ve got a client.

2. Find Clients Proactively

If you’ve been trying to find freelancing digital marketing projects and haven’t been able to. You need to change your approach. Instead of just texting clients, and then asking them for work.

Do some proactive work that increases your chances of getting a new client. Find a local/international business. Go to their website, conduct an audit, and highlight the weak points in their current strategies.

Once you’ve done everything you can, reach out to them. Write an attractive and engaging email, highlighting that you’ve done an independent audit and the things that you can do to improve their website’s results on SERPs. Chances are most clients will not respond after asking “how much does SEO cost?”, you can come up with a pricing model that fits their needs.

This is a great way to get in touch with a client, and probably convince them to offer you work.

3. Build as Many Relationships As You Can

As a freelancer, most of your work will come from people who you have created a good relationship with.

If you have some friends working in the same industry, you could reach out to them and ask for some work. Digital marketing is a vast industry, you can build relationships with thousands of people.

If you’re starting out as a freelance digital marketer, then you could be missing out on a number of potential clients, if you’re not making relationships with people in the industry.

4. Personal Branding

Putting your name in the market is really important. People will only trust you and work with you if you have some kind of reputation. Think about it, even you wouldn’t want to work with someone you don’t know. 

Making a brand out of your name is really crucial if you want to survive in fierce competition. Promote yourself on social media channels, build your own website, and use other channels to make a name for yourself.

Being known in an industry like digital marketing automatically makes you an authority figure. If you can promote yourself online, then you can get a lot of projects. 

5. Try Your Hand at Ads

Ads are a great way to be visible and get some clients. If you don’t have the time or patience to grow yourself organically, you can use Google ads or Facebook ads.

When you’re running ads, make sure that you highlight your specialties in the ad copy. Also, running ads over and over will also help you learn the ins and outs of paid advertising.

You can both learn and earn by running paid ads.

6. Make a Robust Portfolio

There’s a lot of competition in the field of freelance digital marketing. To stand out from the crowd, you need to have an impressive portfolio.

Create your own website and put a lot of emphasis on your previous work. Add client bios, and make separate pages about the clients. Add case studies on the website that show how you helped out specific clients. 

You can ask your previous clients to leave reviews on your website, or on your social media profile to build some credibility. Make a portfolio that works to your advantage and helps you attract as many clients as possible. 

7. Join a Freelancing Website

If you’re already not on a freelancing website, then you’re definitely missing out. Building a profile on a freelancing website is a great way to get clients. Sign up on these websites and build your profile. Attach your personal website, your portfolio, and other information.

Keep participating in projects, and bid according to work. It’s going to take some time, but you’ll get a hang of how the platform works. Each platform has its share of advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the top websites to get freelancing digital marketing work are:

  • Fivver
  • Upwork

Conclusion – How to get Freelance Digital Marketing Projects?

Before you begin, becoming a successful freelancer can seem like a huge task. Once you finally get into the industry, things become much clearer. But, you’ll still need some help from time to time. 

If you’re trying to get some freelance digital marketing work, then hopefully this guide on how to get freelance digital marketing projects will help you out.

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