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Many app developers and web developers are using A/B testing tools to compare two versions of an app and a web page to determine which version is the best one.

A/B testing tools provide factual and real results about the performance of your webpage or apps, thus you can easily know which website is the best one.

In addition, It helps you to enhance your overall website presentation to increase the number of visitors. So, you can easily increase the number of leads and existing customers as well.

In this blog post, you will learn about the top 10 A/B testing tools and their benefits.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing also known as split testing helps you to compare two versions of a web page or application against each other to determine the best-performing website or application. 

For example, you have created two different designs for your application and you want to choose the best design for your application. Thus, you can use an A/B testing tool to determine which design is better for your website.

Benefits of A/B Testing Tools 

Do you know what are the benefits of A/B testing? If not, then you should read the below points:

1. Improvement in users’ engagement

By using A/B testing tools, you can easily compare two versions of web pages, advertisements, and application components. Application components contain images, subject lines, call-to-action forms, fonts, and colors as well.

Through A/B testing tools, You can easily test one and more elements of an application or web page at a time to know users’ behavior. After assessing users’ behavior, you can easily improve the number of leads.

2. Reduction in Bounce Rate

Many of the users are using A/B testing tools to make their web pages and application interface amazing and user-friendly. So, A/B testing tools reduce visitors’ bounce rates. 

In addition, you can perform A/B testing tools on different website components such as fonts, layouts, and headlines to make your website presentation amazing.

3. Increment in conversion rate

If you want to increase the number of visitors as well as the conversion rate, then you can use an A/B testing tool. After creating two versions of one campaign, you can determine the best version of the campaign.

You all know A/B testing tools improve your website’s presentation part and make it strong, thus you can easily get more website visitors and convert them into leads.

4. User Can Test anything 

A/B testing tools can test all the elements of an app or webpage including text, images, and headlines style as well. In addition, you can also determine which colors and patterns are good for your website or app. 

After finding the best version of your website you can find a number of visitors. And you can easily convert them into leads.

5. Reduction in Unnecessary elements

Through an A/B testing tool, you can know the behavior of customers and visitors to your website before making significant modifications. If your website or app fulfills customers’ needs, you can easily increase the number of visitors.

On the other hand, A/B testing tools help you to reduce unnecessary elements of your webpage or app and boost your website’s performance.

6. Higher values

A/B testing tools make your website fantastic, thus you can easily increase your website traffic as well as improve your customer base. Many businesses use these A/B testing tools to get higher prices for their products or services.

If you want to find the most sustainable design for your website, thus you can use any good A/B testing tool. A/B testing tool enables you to know which web design is suitable for your website. So, you can enhance your website’s quality and performance.

7. User-friendly

A/B testing tools are user-friendly as well as affordable, thus you can easily buy these tools from the internet. In addition, you can easily increase your website performance as well as the number of leads.

After assessing the conversion rate, and the number of visitors you can find winners and losers between two different versions of web pages or apps.

10 Best A/B Testing Tools for Web Pages or Apps

Many of the A/B testing tools are available on the internet, thus you can use any of them to compare two versions of webpages or apps. Here are the top 10 A/B testing tools for web pages or apps.

1. A/B Smartly 

A/B Smartly is a knowledge-based and engineering-centric experimentation platform that enables users to perform hundreds of experiments at the same time. 

By using A/B Smartly you can easily measure the impact of your changes including colors, design, and text structure as well. But it does not provide information about the specific behavior of visitors.

This A/B tool contains a great platform dashboard that helps teams to perform more A/B experiments. A/B Smartly provides real-time reports as well. 

In addition, it automatically warns you about generic and custom guardrails and debugging matrics. Its pricing depends upon a few factors including custom integrations or advanced support.

2. Adobe Target

Adobe Target is one of the best and most widely used A/B testing tools that contains lots of customization features. It offers lots of easy-to-execute tests that help you to find the best content for your webpage. 

Adobe Target provides AI-powered testing and automation at a larger scale. Using Adobe Target, you can perform tests from anywhere and anytime, thus business owners can easily connect their brands with Adobe Target from anywhere.

It can easily perform tests related to images, text, and CTA buttons to make your website amazing and distinct from others. Here, you can easily perform multivariate and multi-armed bandit testing as well.

Adobe Target is commonly used for single-page app optimization, server-side optimization, email optimization, and mobile optimization. 

In addition, it offers a platform for performing geotargeting as well as it has many features related to cross-channel testing, content delivery, and cross-selling improvements as well. For pricing, you should visit their platform website.

3. Optimizely

Optimizely is one of the best A/B testing tools for apps and websites that contain tools for A/B testing, multivariate testing as well as server-side testing. 

It provides a number of features for digital commerce, website personalization, and web content management as well. 

This platform provides factual and real results, thus you can easily take data-driven decisions to make your website amazing and user-friendly.

This tool is generally used by freelancers as well as businesses to increase their website fantastic. Today more than 90000 online brands are using Optimizely to optimize the presentation of brands, apps, and websites.

A good design website can easily generate leads for your business and improves your existing customer base as well. 

The top products of this A/B testing tool are depicted below:

  • Digital Experience Platform: After using this product of Optimizely, you will know how to optimize your website according to the needs of visitors. Thus, you can enhance the performance of the website as well as the experience of the visitors.
  • Full Stack: This product of Optimizely supports robust feature flags and A/B testing and allows users to work with programming languages.
  • Optimization as a Service: It provides facilities such as testing, targeting as well as recommendations to the user.
  • Rollouts: It is an open-source service that improves your website performance and makes it hassle-free.
  • Web Experimentation: It helps you to enhance the customer’s experience as well.

It provides two plans named Full Stack and web. You can visit their official website to know about their charges.

4. Visual Website Optimizer (VMO)

This is one of the best A/B testing tools that helps you to test your product, apps as well as websites. Through Visual Website Optimizer, you can find the best version of products, websites as well as applications.

An amazingly crafted website can easily enhance your website performance as well as the number of visitors.

In addition, it supports Split URLs and provides multiple testing as well. By using Visual Website Optimizer you can perform tests without having knowledge about coding.

It contains a point-and-click visual editor that helps you to edit any component including text, layout, and images as well.

VWO Insights, VWO Full Stack, VWO Deploy, VWO Plan, and VMO Engage are 5 products of Visual Website Optimizer. It provides three pricing plans named Growth, Pro, and Enterprise as well.

5. Oracle Maxymiser

Oracle Maxymiser is the best testing and optimization software that provides lots of amazing services, such as website testing, real-time behavioral targeting as well as product recommendations for apps and websites.

Oracle Maxymiser also helps you to boost your website’s speed, thus you can provide a better website experience to your visitors. 

By using the testing and targeting features of Oracle Maxymiser, you can easily manage your website’s elements including text, layout as well as CTA button. It helps you to make your website user-friendly as well.

Through Oracle Maxymiser you can easily create unified campaigns across all marketing channels to get more leads. In addition, it contains a virtual editor for technical and non-technical users. To know about its pricing details, you should visit its official website.

6. AB Tasty 

AB Tasty is commonly used by web designers, application designers, and eCommerce platforms to optimize their websites, applications, and products. More than 900 famous brands are using AB Tasty to determine the best version of their website or product. 

It also helps you to increase the conversion rate, revenue volume, and profits. In addition, it provides A/B/n testing, split URL testing, and predictive testing to increase the website’s presentation.

AB Tasty can compare unlimited versions of a single web page to find the best version of the website. After using AB Tasty, you can enhance your website performance and the utility of the website as well. 

7. Usability Hub

Usability Hub is one of the best A/B testing tools that contains lots of testing tools. This tool enables users to determine the best version of a webpage and application from alternative versions.

This platform is used by Google, GoDaddy, Amazon, and  TaskRabbit to enhance user experience. Additionally, the Usability Hub saves users’ time and helps to prevent design issues.

It contains a Five-Second Tests feature that enables users to perform an image-based test in 5 seconds. After completing a test, it provides feedback on your images, audio files, and video files.

Usability Hub provides four pricing plans named Free($0/ month), Basic($79/ month), Pro($199/month), and Enterprise(check platforms official webpage).

8. Omniconvert 

Omniconvert is a popular A/B tool that helps you to increase the number of conversations. If you are running an eCommerce company and want to increase the number of leads, you can use Omniconvert. 

It allows users to test different versions of websites, apps, and products to enhance the number of conversions. Omniconvert makes your website amazing and more customer-centric.

It contains an in-built editor for A/B tests, thus you can easily customize your website or application according to your intent. By using Omniconvert, you can easily test your website’s design, text, and CTA button as well as modify the elements of your website.

Omniconvert’s CDN cache Bypass feature provides you with a Five-second test. In addition, it contains advanced segmentation features to know about the website visitors.

Omniconvert provides two different plans, such as Platform and Enterprise. Its Platform plan is helpful for businesses to grow their conversion rate. Its Platform plan charges $167 per month. On the other hand, its Enterprise plan contains lots of powerful conversion rate optimization tools.

9. HubSpot 

HubSpot is a fantastic and commonly used A/B testing tool that is available in 120 countries. This platform can run effective marketing campaigns to boost traffic to your website. So, you can easily convert this increased traffic into leads.

HubSpot helps you to optimize your website, thus you can easily enhance your website performance and make it attractive. In addition, it contains lots of features related to editing, website themes, and SEO.

HubSpot can test two different versions of the same website and determine which website version is the best version. In addition, HubSpot provides three different packages named

  • Starter ($45/month/ billed annually) 
  • Professional ($800/month/billed annually)
  • Enterprise ($3200/month/ billed annually).

10. Zoho PageSense

Zoho PageSense is an A/B testing tool that helps you to understand your visitors’ behavior. In addition, it also provides comprehensive details about the website metrics as well as it offers a world-class website experience to visitors.

Many large-scale, as well as small businesses, are using Zoho PageSense to increase their number of conversions. This A/B testing tool enables you to determine the best version of your website.

Through Zoho PageSense, you can easily perform tests related to colors, page layouts, and texts to know which website’s version is the best.

 Zoho PageSense provides three plans that are listed below:

  • Standard plan ($17/month/ billed annually) 
  • Professional plan ($79/month/ billed annually) 
  • Enterprise plan ($419/month/ billed annually) 


A/B testing tools enable users to determine one of the best version of a website and app from different versions of websites and apps. Through an A/B testing tool, you can easily test all the essential elements of a website or app including text structure, layout, colors, and designs. 

A/B testing tools make a website’s presentation part strong, thus you can easily generate leads. Increased leads base also increases revenue volume as well as overall profit.

Here I have provided the top 10 A/B testing tools thus you can easily subscribe to any of them according to your needs.

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